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Welcome to Roman Heritage Farms!

Our dream of growing local quality food started in Godley, TX on a small 4 acre property in 2016. Since then, we've moved to an 11 acre property in Sunset, TX where we currently raise IPP pigs, sheep, ducks and chickens. All of our animals are raised on soy-free, non-gmo feed and love being on pasture.

Ever since I was 8 years old and saw some of our old family farms in Puerto Rico, I got the farm bug. My grandma, Lela, used to raise ducks and chickens. She was my first mentor and showed me how to care for them. I was always excited to take trips to the feed store to make our selections. Those will always be some of my fondest memories of her.

In 2016, after my Mom's passing of cancer the year before, I was also diagnosed with cancer. My wife and I decided it was time for a change. We purchased 4 acres and decided to raise quality food for ourselves and our community. As of January 2017, I am cancer free and we believe eating healthy is the best way of staying in remission. All of our feed comes from a local mill, which enables us to add the vitamins and minerals needed for each specific animal. We believe in providing the best quality of life on our farm. 

What is “Beyond Organic”?

What does "beyond organic" mean, say you? From a farmstead standpoint, we want our food grown in the most natural way,  without additives, chemicals or any other types of contaminants. Farmers using “beyond organic” practices emphasize the importance of animals being raised humanely, responsibly, with access to plenty of fresh water, sunshine, grass and bugs found in nature. Beyond Organic also means as a farmer, I aim to produce food in a sustainable way; with minimal effects on the environment by rotationally grazing. Our animals roam freely and are not cooped up or stuck in a cage all day. They are happy and healthy. This gives us the peace of mind knowing the product we render is as close to how nature intended it to be.