Started Pullets

No more brooding in the garage!


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What are the advantages of buying started pullets rather than buying chicks?

While day old chicks are a viable option for many people, for others, buying started chickens has some distinct advantages. 

  1. No Brooding hassle. Brooding day old chicks can be a bit of a hassle, and it takes some experience to get right. The heat has to be right – not too hot or too cold for the chicks – and the requirements change almost daily. In the first several weeks, some weak chicks expire, so there is the infant mortality to deal with. Day old chicks need to be given water by hand quickly when they first arrive because they may have been without food and water for more than 72 hours. (Watering them by hand on arrival teaches them where to find water.) Brooding requires a heat source, so if electricity is not an option or is limited, brooding will be difficult.
  2. Shorter wait before you get eggs.  If you start with chicks, you’re looking at 4 to 6 months before seeing eggs from your flock. But if you buy started pullets from us, you’ll get a several month head start.
  3. Less equipment needed. Because started chickens are larger, they can be left outside much sooner. Our hens will be ready for your coop..
  4. Started Pullets are more durable. If you have young children, a started pullet is less likely to be affectionately injured than a day-old chick.